Our aim is to align the revenue we generate with the value customers are getting from using the product. It doesn’t seem fair to charge for contacts you’re not actively marketing to, so our main pricing “units” are emails you send and web visits that accompany marketing activities. Companies that send more emails and get more people to visit the site pay more than those that send fewer emails. 

Simple, no?

We also wanted to let you flexibly choose between different ways to send email campaigns. 

Each plan includes a number of emails sent from Outfunnel, all email engagement data synced from Mailchimp for the same number of emails and the same number of website visits (independent of the source of visits).

For example, our Growth plan includes syncing unlimited events from up to 15,000 Mailchimp emails per month, sending up to 15,000 Outfunnel emails per month and tracking web visits for up to 15,000 people per month.

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