With field mapping you can sync Mailchimp contacts' custom fields to your CRM whenever Outfunnel creates a new contact.

Outfunnel automatically creates new contacts in Pipedrive (Copper and HubSpot CRM support coming soon) when:

  • A new subscriber is added to Mailchimp (enable it with the Mailchimp to CRM automation)

  • When email engagement (eg. email send or open) is recorded as part of a Mailchimp campaign for a contact that does not yet exist in your CRM and you've configured Outfunnel to record the relevant activity in the CRM.

  • When Outfunnel identifies a new contact from a web visit

By default, name and email are always created for a new contact in the CRM but you can also map other fields with Field mapping. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Account > Fields (visible only once you've set up the Mailchimp to CRM automation) and choose an audience you'd like to apply this to from the dropdown

2. Click on Map new field, choose the Mailchimp field and the corresponding CRM field you'd like to sync to

3. Repeat the process for each field you'd like to sync and audience you've set up an automation for.

That's it! The next time Outfunnel creates a new contact in the CRM from a new Mailchimp subscriber or a new Mailchimp email engagement, all the mapped fields are synced over.

Tips, observations, and useful definitions:

💡 Only applies for the new contacts. The field mapping only applies for new contacts that Outfunnel creates in the CRM. Any field updates in Mailchimp for contacts that already exist in the CRM are not synced.

💡 Single select fields. When mapping Mailchimp dropdown and radio fields to a single select field in the CRM, please ensure that the field values are pre-created in the CRM beforehand. Outfunnel uses case insensitive matching.

💡 Coming soon:

  • Copper, HubSpot CRM support

  • Map to Organization fields

  • Enable Mailchimp language and tags as fields to sync

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