⚠️ Note: Import functionality will be phased out in Q4 2021

There are two ways to add contacts to Outfunnel.

  1. Importing a .csv file with contacts

  2. Connecting a CRM like HubSpot, Pipedrive or Copper. Read more

This article describes how to prepare a .csv file, import contacts and select the contacts as a segment for your email campaign.

1. Download the sample file as a .csv and add your contacts.

  • Currently only First Name, Last Name, Email and Organization Name fields are supported.

  • Email field is compulsory

  • The fields need to be in the same case as in the sample file

  • The record separator needs to be a comma (,). Here's how you can change it for Mac and Windows

2. Select the file. In Outfunnel, navigate to Contacts, then click on Import contacts, select the .csv file and start the import.

3. A new segment is created. All contacts with a valid email address are imported to Outfunnel and a new segment is automatically created. Contacts with an invalid email are not imported.

The segment now appears under Single email campaigns as a segment to send emails to. Learn more about sending out a single email campaign.

We'd also recommend implementing our web tracking functionality so you'll be able to see which pages your leads visit.

A couple of things to keep in mind

💡  A single contact source is supported. Once you connect a CRM, it's no longer possible to import a .csv and vice versa.

💡 Data is overwritten. When the uploaded .csv includes contacts that already exist in Outfunnel, data will be overwritten. The match is made based on email

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