Channel report and Email conversion report in Outfunnel show you how well your marketing campaigns and channels are performing.

Channel report

Channel report shows you which campaigns and traffic sources lead to new sales opportunities and closed revenue. You need Outfunnel's web tracking feature to use this functionality.

In the example below you can see that the / organic channel has created the newest opportunities in absolute terms, but / cpc is the best-converting source of leads.

Outfunnel identifies the contact when they fill in a supported form on your website or clicks on a link in your email. At the time of identification, the information about your lead's very first visit on your website is pulled from the browser and the information can be recorded in your CRM with the following fields (can be enabled/disabled under Web > Engagement recording):

  • Lead source: UTM tags are recorded automatically. If no UTM tags are present, Outfunnel auto-detects source and medium

  • Referrer: The webpage the lead visited before arriving on your website. For example, or any other webpage. If the user typed in your website address to the browser directly no Referrer is present

  • Landing page: The first webpage the lead visited on your website

As an example, if someone types in your website in the address bar of a browser Outfunnel will show direct/direct and if someone arrives from Facebook the report shows as the Source/Medium.


  • Outfunnel populates the fields with the lead's first visit, not from the visit they were identified from (unless that was the first visit)

  • Consecutive visit information is displayed in the web visit activity in the CRM

Email conversion report

The email conversion report shows you the revenue impact of each email campaign you send. The report tracks the number of new sales opportunities that have been created during 7 days from sending a campaign and the number of sales opportunities that have been won during 30 days from sending the campaign.

The sales opportunities are split based on email engagement so you can easily see whether a person who clicked or replied was more likely to convert compared to someone who only opened the email.

To access the report, click on a sent campaign to access the reporting and then navigate to the Conversion menu.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

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