Email conversion report and Channel report in Outfunnel show you how well your marketing campaigns and channels are working.

Email conversion report

Email conversion report shows you the revenue impact of each email campaign you send. The report tracks the number of new deals that have been created in 7 days from sending the campaign and the number of deals that have been won in 30 days from sending the campaign.

The deals are divided based on email engagement so you can easily see whether a person who replied was actually more likely to convert compared to someone who only opened the email.

To access the report, click on a sent campaign to access the reporting and then navigate to the Conversion menu.

Channel report

Channel report shows you which campaigns, traffic sources and content pieces lead to new deals or closed revenue. You need to implement Outfunnel's web tracking code on your website to start tracking leads. Learn more.

As an example on the report below you can see that the / cpc channel has converted best in terms of won deals.

Outfunnel records Source/Medium from an UTM tag the first time a lead arrives on your website. This is stored in the user browser and synced to your CRM when we identify the visitor. If you are not using UTM tags or no UTM tag is present for the visit, Outfunnel will auto-detect the Source/Medium. For example, someone who types in your website in the url bar in the browser will show direct/direct while someone who arrives from Facebook shows as the Source/Medium.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

💡 Coming soon: conversion report in sequences. The conversion report is currently only available for single email campaigns but we are adding sequence support soon.

💡 Coming soon: unidentified visitor counting for channel report. We'll soon start showing you how many unidentified visitors have been detected from a marketing channel.

💡 Coming soon: store source/medium for every visit. Currently, Outfunnel tracks the first Source/Medium but we'll soon add functionality that will show you the Source/Medium of every consecutive visit the contact makes.

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