Outfunnel can identify web visitors when a lead clicks on a link in your email campaign and/or if they fill in a form on your website. This article explains how to identify leads from custom forms like Webflow, Elementor, Unbounce or a self-built form. If you are looking for general information about web tracking, read more here.

Natively supported web forms

Outfunnel already identifies leads automatically from the web forms below once you've installed the web tracking code or Outfunnel's WordPress plugin on your website:

  • Mailchimp Forms

  • Gravity Forms

  • Contact Form 7

  • Hubspot HTML forms

  • Wix forms

  • Elementor Forms

  • WPForms (coming soon)

  • Unbounce, Webflow - please see below for instructions

  • Reach out to support@outfunnel.com if your form is not listed here

How to identify visitors from custom-built web forms

If you’re using a custom web form on your website or a provider that allows adding custom code to your form, you can add some attributes to your form so that Outfunnel can also start identifying these leads.

Here's how (5-10min):

  1. Open your website code editor and find the HTML code that your form uses

  2. Add the following attribute to the form element: class="outfunnel-form"

  3. Add the following attribute to the email field: class="outfunnel-input-email"

  4. Optional: Add the following attribute to first name and last name fields: class="outfunnel-input-firstname" and class="outfunnel-input-lastname"

Once added, we recommend testing that everything is working by filling in the form in incognito window and verifying that the visit appears under Outfunnel visitor feed in 30 seconds after the form fill.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

πŸ’‘ Web tracking activity is synced to CRM with a 30-minute delay. While the web visit appears under the Outfunnel visitor feed almost immediately, it's synced to your CRM with a 30-minute delay to ensure that the entire session is listed under a single activity.

πŸ’‘ Outfunnel creates a contact in your CRM automatically. When a supported web form is filled, Outfunnel automatically creates the contact record in your CRM with a 30-second delay if an existing contact with a matching email is not found. If a contact with a matching email is found, Outfunnel syncs the web tracking activity under the existing contact.

πŸ’‘ We recommend configuring your form to create contacts in your CRM. If your form includes custom fields we recommend using your existing solution to create contacts in Pipedrive instead as Outfunnel can only sync Email, First name, and Last name fields to your CRM. Note that Outfunnel creates the contact in your CRM with a 30-second delay in order to ensure that the contact has already been created.

πŸ’‘ Custom forms that have the "class=form" are supported. If your custom form does not have the form class we don't support it yet.

πŸ’‘ Use standard class settings for natively supported forms. Changes in class settings may break lead identification. If you are running into issues with the leads not getting identified, please reach out to us via chat.

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