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πŸ”˜ Supported field mappings for App Connector
πŸ”˜ Supported field mappings for App Connector
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When connecting apps and syncing contacts you have the possibility to map the relevant fields so that Outfunnel can sync over the data.

You can create the following field mappings in Outfunnel:

Source field type

Destination field type


Text, Phone, Number, Single option, Multiple option, Address, Tag, URL


Number, Phone, Monetary, Text


Phone, Number, Text,


Date, Text



Single option

Single option, Text, Multiple option

Multiple option

Multiple option, Text, Tag, Single option


Address, Text


Tag, Multiple option, Text, Single option


Text, URL

File upload

Text, URL

Tips, observations, and useful definitions

πŸ’‘ Mapping multiple option field with text field. Outfunnel separates values by a comma.

πŸ’‘ Mailchimp address field. Mailchimp address field only populates if Street name, city, and postal code are present. We also recommend including the country as otherwise Mailchimp defaults it to US and the sync may fail if the address is not in the US.

πŸ’‘ Pre-create field values. Single and multiple option fields need to have the options pre-created (case insensitive)

πŸ’‘ Mapping single option with multiple option. When Outfunnel syncs data from multiple option to single option field, only the first value is synced.

πŸ’‘ Klaviyo fields. Please reach out to support if the required Klaviyo fields are not showing in field mapping

πŸ’‘ Unsupported fields:

Please reach out to our support if you need to sync any of these field types πŸ‘‡


Field type


  • Percentage

  • Checkbox

  • Connect field

  • Opportunity fields


  • Deal fields


  • Birthday


  • Contact, user, organization reference fields

  • Time

  • Time range

  • Date range

  • Deal fields (a workaround exists, reach out to support)

Contact Form 7

  • Country drop-down

  • Phone (note that this is different from "Tel" which is supported)

  • Quiz

  • File upload

Gravity Forms

  • List

  • File upload

  • Post fields

  • Pricing fields

Elementor Forms

  • Password

  • Time

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