Welcome! We built ProductSync out of our own pain point of finding it difficult to unite product and sales data at our previous startup. It turned out we weren't the only software company facing this challenge so we decided to build a business around it.

What is ProductSync by Outfunnel?

We provide revenue teams with data and tools that help them uncover product-qualified leads, increase trial-to-paid conversion, and drive expansion. In a nutshell ProductSync:

  1. Unites product usage and sales data from CDPs like Segment and Posthog and CRMs like Pipedrive and Hubspot so your go-to-market team has a single source of truth

  2. Syncs product data and users to your CRM so that your sales team has access to key product data right from where they work. Let's put an end to tab hell.

  3. Allows your revenue teams to segment the data so they'll be able to find the accounts that are ready for conversion, expansion, or at risk of churn (coming soon)

  4. Automates your product-led sales motions with no-code playbooks and gives the tools to experiment and optimize your go-to-market motions (coming soon)

  5. Finds product signals in your data and creates a unique PQL score so your sales team can focus on the best leads (coming soon)

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