Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) service that collects, governs, and sends data to other apps.

Requirements to get started

  • You must have Workspace Owner access in Segment. If you don't have access, please ask your product, engineering, or operations team to give you access or ask them to connect Segment to Outfunnel instead

1. Authenticate Segment

  1. Head over to the Integrations page

  2. Click on the Segment card and copy the API key

  3. Click "Configure Outfunnel"

  4. Select the data source. We recommend starting with a backend data source and adding front end data source later

  5. Name the destination

  6. Insert Outfunnel User Id and API key and click "Save"

πŸ’‘ Outfunnel automatically creates three mapping rules. Please do not not change these to ensure the events are sent to Outfunnel in a readable format.

  • Forward Group call

  • Forward Track call

  • Froward Identify call

2. Confirm that live events are arriving at Outfunnel

Outfunnel won't be able to access your historical data at this point but we'll store all new events going forward. Let's see if we can get your first events in.

  1. We recommend signing up for your app as a new user

  2. Once signed up, do activities in your app that trigger events to Segment

  3. In Outfunnel, head to the Sync configuration screen and check if the events show up in the dropdown

  4. If they do, everything is working. Next step: connect your CRM

Alternatively, you can also check the "event delivery" window in the Segment Outfunnel destination to see the number of events that have been sent.

πŸ’‘ Events only show when any user has done this type of event in the app at least once after connecting Outfunnel so if it does not show it's possible it hasn't occurred yet. If you are running into issues, please reach out to our support.

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