With Outfunnel you can automatically enrich your CRM contacts, organizations, and deals so your sales team can create call lists and automate workflows. Outfunnel can sync two types of data from your data source to CRM:

  1. Events (ie Trial Started, User Invited)

  2. Properties (ie Email, Industry).

Requirements to get started

  • A data source needs to be connected to Outfunnel

  • A CRM needs to be connected to Outfunnel

Sync events

Setting up the event sync is simple! Simply choose the desired event from your data source and choose the action you'd like to take in the CRM. Outfunnel currently supports activities.

Once the event takes place, Outfunnel syncs the event to your CRM in real-time and links it with the contact that triggered the event. Note that the contact needs to exist in the CRM and match the email address of the contact in your data source.

We recommend only choosing events that are critical for sales to ensure your CRM does not get cluttered with irrelevant events. For example, here are some of the events we recommend and don't recommend syncing (as each software app is different you may have different events in your system):

Recommend to sync:

  • Trial Started event

  • User activation events (ie. user invited, key action taken)

  • Aha moment events (ie. user achieves success)

  • Subscription Activated event (ie. payment card added)

Do not recommend syncing:

  • Page view events

  • Actions that happen multiple times per day and are not key indicators for sales

๐Ÿ’ก Events only show when any user has done this type of event in the app at least once after connecting Outfunnel so if it does not show it's possible it hasn't occurred yet. If you are running into issues, please reach out to our support.

Sync properties

To set up property sync, simply choose the desired field from the data source and match it with a field from your CRM. The next time an event is triggered that updates the fields in the data source Outfunnel will also update the information in the CRM.

Note that the sync overwrites existing data in the CRM. Also, Outfunnel does not currently create contacts if they don't exist so the contact needs to exist in the CRM and match the email address of the contact in your data source.

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