Outfunnel combines product and sales data from different sources so that sales reps can understand how users use the app. There are two types of product data that Outfunnel listens to:

  1. Events

  2. Properties


Also known in other tools as metrics or actions.

Each action that the user takes in your app is called an event. Each event has a name, like Trial Started, and properties. For example, a Trial Started event usually has properties like email and plan.

Other examples of events:

  • User Invited

  • Cancellation Scheduled

  • Payment Card Added

  • Onboarding Completed

Events are important because they help to understand user behavior. For example, if someone has invited a new teammate to your product you might want to trigger an automatic email to the new person, or perhaps your sales team views this as a good upsell opportunity.


Also known in other tools as fields or traits.

Properties are additional pieces of information that are associated with events. Sending properties along with events is highly recommended as they provide a comprehensive understanding of user behavior.

Some examples of properties:

  • Email

  • Plan

  • UserId

  • Phone

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