๐ŸŒฟ Merge fields to personalize your email

Personalize your email campaigns with CRM data for better results

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What are merge fields?

Merge fields help you to personalize your email content, subject lines and improve deliverability rates. You can use almost any field from the below CRM objects as a merge field in your emails:

  • Persons

  • Organizations

  • Opportunities (Only for Copper CRM when the campaign is targeted at an opportunity tag)

For example, the most commonly used merge fields are Person's Name or Organization Name which are used to personalize the subject line and/or email content.

How do merge fields work?

All merge fields are automatically populated in the sent email based on the value in the CRM field. The merge field format is: {{merge_field}}.

For example, you can add the Person's First Name as a merge field:

Hey {{person.first_name}},

If the value in the CRM is Andy then this will be rendered in the email as:

Hey Andy,

๐Ÿ’ก Copper CRM opportunity fields. If multiple opportunities have the target tag and they are attached to the same contact then Outfunnel populates the merge fields based on the most recently created opportunity data.

There are also two system-specific merge fields:

  • Unsubscribe URL: {{unsubscribe_url}}

    • Unsubscribe URL is a legal requirement and needs to be included in every email.

    • This merge field does not render in test emails

  • Public message URL: {{message_url}}

    • This renders into a public URL of the email allowing recipients to share the message with their colleagues

    • This merge field does not render in test emails

๐Ÿ’ก Insert behind a string of text. Both system-specific URLs render as a long string of text so we recommend adding them as a URL behind a text. For example, you'd want to add {{unsubscribe_url}}ย as a URL like this: Unsubscribe

How to set up fallback values?

You can also add a fallback value so when there is no value for the given field in the CRM the fallback value is used instead.

The format for the fallback is: {{merge_field | fallback}}.

For example, you can add "There" as a fallback:

Hey {{person.first_name | There}},

If the contact does not have a Name value in the CRM it will show in the email as:

Hey There,
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