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Automate actions from lead score
Automate actions from lead score

Send email, create an activity or update person field when lead score reaches a certain score

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This automation applies to Pipedrive but a similar effect can be achieved with other CRMs.

Use case

As a sales rep I want to know when a lead is ready to buy and with Outfunnel's lead scoring feature it's possible to achieve just that.

Outfunnel updates a person field "Lead score" from engagement (web site visits, email engagement, CRM activities) and demographic data (CRM fields). Once a score reaches a certain threshold it's possible to set up a Pipedrive workflow automation to automatically notify the rep.

Solution (5 min)

Head to Pipedrive automations and set up a new automation with the following parameters:

Triggered by

We recommend choosing any user as that way the automation will run regardless of who updates the lead score field

1. Trigger

This is what starts the automation and in this case it's "Person updated" as the lead score is a person level field

2. Instant condition

We'd only want it to trigger when two conditions are met:

  1. Lead score is more than or equal to a certain threshold. This threshold depends heavily on how you've configured your lead scoring system

  2. Lead score was lower than the threshold. This ensures that it only runs when the threshold is exceeded

3. Create activity

In this example, the automation creates an activity for the sales rep but you can also have it send a Slack update, send an email, update the person field or anything else that makes sense for your workflow.

Activating and testing

Lastly, simply activate the automation. To test if it works as expected, simply update a sample person's lead score field to above the threshold.

And that's it

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