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πŸ“‹ Update lead/deal fields in your CRM from person fields
πŸ“‹ Update lead/deal fields in your CRM from person fields

Outfunnel syncs data to contact and organization fields but you can use the CRM's workflow automation tool to update lead/deal fields

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This automation applies to Pipedrive but a similar workflow may be achieved with other CRMs.

Use case

Outfunnel can update the person and organization fields in Pipedrive but sometimes you may want to update a lead/deal field instead. This can be achieved with Pipedrive workflow automation.

This article covers a scenario where a new form fill is synced to Pipedrive by Outfunnel and a contact is created with the correct fields but the user wants to update lead fields at the same time (the same workflow would also apply for updating deal fields)

Solution (5 min)

πŸ’‘ For this flow you'd have to enable "activity creation" in the Outfunnel form connection but ensure that "lead creation" is disabled.

Head to Pipedrive automations and set up a new automation with the following parameters:

Triggered by

We recommend choosing any user as that way the automation will run regardless of who creates the activity.

1. Trigger

This is what starts the automation and, in this case, it's "Activity created" as the engagement is recorded as an activity.

2. Instant condition

We'd only want it to trigger when certain conditions are met:

  • Activity type is - then choose the "Form submitted".

  • Optional: Activity subject contains - if you'd only like it to trigger based on a certain form then type in the name of the form or the name of the campaign as they appear in the activity that Outfunnel creates in the CRM.

3. Update person fields

As we've chosen activity as the automation trigger then person fields are not immediately available. To use person fields we need to run a dummy step as defined below:

  • Linked person - select "Activity contact person"

  • Owner - Activity assigned user

4. Create lead with a linked person

In this example, the automation creates a lead for the sales rep but you can also have it create a deal.

When creating a deal we suggest mapping the following fields at a minimum but you can add as many custom fields as you'd like:

  • Title - assign the deal title. You can also use activity fields in the deal title - for example: Website Form Submission - 1 Activity contact person email. With this setup, all your Deal Titles will be different since the "1 Activity contact person email" field will be rendered as the contact's email address.

  • Linked person - select "Activity contact person" so that the deal would be linked to the correct contact.

  • Linked organization - select "Activity organization" so that the deal would be linked to the correct organization.

  • Owner - choose a specific person or go to "Step Options" and choose the "Activity assigned user" to assign the activity owner as the deal owner

4. Choose an action - Update activity fields

This step edits the original activity so it would be linked with the freshly created lead.

  • Activity - activity

  • Linked lead - activity lead. This will link the lead that was created earlier.

Activating and testing

Lastly, simply activate the automation. To test if it works as expected, simply make sure to have Outfunnel create a new activity in Pipedrive based on what you chose for the trigger.

The expected behaviour is to see a lead created with the desired fields.

Here's an example of what the automation can look like:

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