How to resend an email campaign

Resend a campaign to the recipients that did not open the original campaign

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In some cases, you might want to resend a campaign to recipients that did not open your previous campaign. Here's how you can achieve this in Outfunnel.

2. You'd then need to find all the people who were delivered the initial campaign but did not open it. To achieve this add two conditions as on the screenshot below:

Email activity > Has been delivered > [Campaign name]

Email activity > Has not opened > [Campaign name]

3. Save the segment and ensure that the list contains the right number of contacts

4. Find the campaign you want to resend, click the More options icon (it’s the 3 stacked dots on the right), then click “Duplicate”.

5. Target it to the new segment you had created, change the email subject or copy and send the campaign

And that’s it!

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