So, you’ve nailed your subject line and copy. Open and click-through rates are off the charts. Now, you might want to think about replicating that success for a new audience.

Whether you’re sending a single email or multi-stage email sequence, duplicating and resending an existing campaign takes a few clicks.

Duplicating a campaign

Step 1: Login to Outfunnel and go to Campaigns

Step 2: Find the campaign you want to resend, click the More options icon (it’s the 3 stacked dots on the right), then click “Duplicate”.

This will duplicate the campaign, and name it “Copy of …”. The status of your shiny new campaign will be set to Draft (the pen icon in the Status column) so you can make any changes you want.

Step 3: Finally, to resend your campaign, click on it and follow the steps for sending a single email campaign or email sequence.

And that’s it, campaign resent!

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