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πŸ’― How to use Outfunnel's Lead scoring feature
πŸ’― How to use Outfunnel's Lead scoring feature
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With Outfunnel you can score your lead behavior in real-time based on their:

  • web visits

  • email engagement

  • CRM activities that have been added by marketing or sales (ie meetings, webinar attendance, SMS, etc.) - Pipedrive and Copper support only.

This helps to get a 360 view of your leads and create a score that uses both marketing and sales data.

Use cases

  • Surface the hottest leads so that the sales team can focus on the leads that have the highest likelihood of converting into an opportunity. For example, you could create a call list in the CRM based on the highest lead scores and assign it per rep

  • Initiate email campaigns for leads based on their lead score. For example, if a lead is still cold but is showing some signs of life then it may make sense to add them to a special nurturing sequence with a call-to-action to book a call with your sales team.

  • Automate actions in your CRM to save time and optimize processes. For example, you could set up notifications for the sales team or automate deal movement between stages based on their lead score

  • Send the hot leads to a Facebook audience and display ads to convert them into an opportunity

  • Apply negative points for leads that bounce, unsubscribe or visit a disqualifying page on your website (ie careers)

How to set up Lead scoring

  1. Head over to the Lead scoring menu in Outfunnel

  2. Activate the CRM recording which will create a new person field and start populating the scores (lead score field is created when the first contact is scored)

  3. Set up rules for email, web, and CRM engagement. Please ensure that your CRM and marketing tool are connected and that the web tracking snippet is installed to create the respective rules

  4. Define the score expiry. Once an event is older than the configured expiry date it gets deducted from the score. We recommend setting the expiry a bit longer than your regular sales cycle.

There are lots of lead scoring models out there, but if you need some guidance on what type of engagement constitutes a stronger buying signal feel free to reach out. In general, we’d suggest attributing the highest score to Page visits, then email clicks, then email open and negative scores to bounces, unsubscribes, and disqualifying pages on your website (ie careers page). With CRM activities, we recommend scoring marketing engagement like webinar attendance.

Update interval

  • Score calculation for existing events starts 10 minutes after you've created or changed a rule

  • Score updates for new events are pushed to the CRM instantly but depending on the number of score changes it may take some time to update all contacts.

  • CRM field updates are currently calculated once every 24 hours

Available scoring rules

Email scoring

Score Outfunnel Campaigns, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Brevo and Hubspot Marketing engagement. Pipedrive Campaign engagement scoring is not yet supported.

  • Score email opens

  • Score email clicks

  • Score email bounces

  • Score email unsubscribes

Web visit scoring

Web visit scoring works with Outfunnel's native tracking snippet.

  • Score all URLs

  • Score specific URLs

CRM activity scoring

Works with Pipedrive and Copper activities. Hubspot is not yet supported.

  • Score any activity in your CRM (ie webinar attendance, SMS, etc.) (✨ available on Professional plan and above or as an add-on)

CRM field scoring

Works with Pipedrive and Copper fields. Hubspot is not yet supported.

  • Score any person field in your CRM (ie industry, employee size, etc.) (✨ available on Professional plan and above or as an add-on)

Example lead scoring scenario

Let's assume that you have a rule that assigns 5 points if a contact clicks on an email link and 20 points if they have an "Attended Webinar" activity in the CRM. Contacts get scored once the event happens so, in a scenario where the contact clicks on a link in two unique emails and attends a webinar, they would have a score of 30 points.

This is then synced to the Person object Lead score field in the CRM in real-time so your marketing and sales teams can use this to filter contacts based on their score and focus on the highest-scoring leads first, taking away the guesswork and saving time.

Lead scoring field in the CRM

Tips, observations, and useful definitions

πŸ’‘ It's also possible to reset a lead score. Read more.

πŸ’‘ Advanced lead scoring coming soon, allowing you to score more events and apply more conditions. Reach out to us to tell share your use case.

πŸ’‘ Copper filter options don't show up lead score field by default. In order to make the Lead Score field show up in the filtering options, it needs to be manually added:

Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records > Edit Custom Fields > Edit Lead Score to include Filters

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