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How to create a custom sending schedule for sequence emails
How to create a custom sending schedule for sequence emails
Define a default email delivery time window for sequence campaigns
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Pipedrive, Copper, Hubspot

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This article describes how to create a custom sending schedule for Outfunnel sequences.

When creating a sequence you can add a delay between emails so they wouldn't all go out at the same time. Sometimes, this might mean that the email delivery takes place at odd hours or weekends, which is not optimal, especially if you trying to reach businesses.

With the custom sending schedule you can define a specific delivery window for emails. Here's how to set it up:

1. Navigate to Account > Email Settings > Sending Schedule and click on "Use custom delivery window"

2. Define the days and times for the delivery window.

You are all done. The custom sending schedule will now apply to all sequences.

Some things to keep in mind

πŸ’‘ Multiple schedules. Currently, Outfunnel supports a single sending schedule but multiple schedules are coming soon. If that's something that would be useful to you, please reach out to us via chat so we can note your interest.

πŸ’‘ Sending schedule is based on your timezone. Make sure Outfunnel has auto-selected the right timezone under the profile page.

πŸ’‘ Queued emails. Sending schedule update also applies to already queued emails.

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