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✨ How to set sender name and email address dynamically
✨ How to set sender name and email address dynamically

Use the contact owner's email and name as the sender of an email campaign to build stronger relationships.

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You might find yourself in a situation where your CRM contacts have different owners and you'd like emails to come from the respective contact owner. With the default email campaign settings, you can only define one sender per campaign which means you'd need to set up a campaign per owner.

With dynamic sending Outfunnel can replace the campaign "from email" and "from name" with the contact owner's data from your CRM so you'd only need to create and send a single campaign.

To set it up, enable Dynamic sender option under Settings in the sequence campaign or single campaign.

Once you send out the campaign, Outfunnel will automatically replace the "from email" and "from name" with the contact owner's data from your CRM.

💡 Dynamic sender information is not used in test emails. Outfunnel uses the From email and From name that has been inserted into the campaign details

A couple of things to keep in mind

💡 Ensure that your CRM contact owner's email is from the same domain. If the contact owner's email domain is different from that of your Outfunnel account email the system will not use the contact owner's details and will instead default to the contact details of the person who set up the integration between Outfunnel and your CRM.

💡 Deal owners are not yet supported. Outfunnel uses the contact owner data but we're working on adding deal/opportunity owner support soon. Reach out via chat to get notified when this is released.

💡 Pipedrive contact owner email change is not yet supported. Please reach out to our support at if you have changed the contact owner's email address in Pipedrive. This change is not yet pulled in automatically.

Please note that the latter only refers to the email address change of the contact owner. Changing the email address of the contact works.

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