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How to connect ActiveCampaign and your CRM with Outfunnel

Everything you need to know about using Outfunnel to connect ActiveCampaign with your CRM

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The ActiveCampaign-Outfunnel integration makes it super easy to connect ActiveCampaign with your CRM. It currently works with Pipedrive, Copper, and HubSpot CRM.

This article covers:

How the ActiveCampaign-Outfunnel integration works

  • Make all your CRM contacts or subset(s) you define available in ActiveCampaign lists, along with your custom contact and company fields.

  • Keep the two databases in-sync going forward. E.g. if a custom text field is updated in the CRM, this is synced to ActiveCampaign automatically.

  • Record ActiveCampaign email engagement under contact profiles in the CRM when people open or click on your campaigns.

  • New ActiveCampaign subscribers can be copied to your CRM as contacts. Alternatively, new contacts can be copied to the CRM only when they open or click on an email campaign. (Coming soon)

  • Use web visits as an additional lead signal: Outfunnel’s Web tracking identifies contacts that visit your site and records web visits in your CRM.

  • Use Lead scoring to surface sales-ready leads: lead scores are calculated based on engagement data, and synced to the CRM.

How to connect your ActiveCampaign account to Outfunnel

1. In your ActiveCampaign account, click on Apps.

2. Using the search field on the top right of the All Apps page, search for Outfunnel.

3. Click on Outfunnel in the search results. The Outfunnel app will now load—if you already have an Outfunnel account, then all you need to do is sign in and authorize the connection. If you do not have an Outfunnel account, then you'll have to create one now and then authorize the connection.

4. Next, navigate to Outfunnel > App connector and click on Create connection. Select ActiveCampaign and the CRM you wish to connect.

How to set up a 2-way connection between ActiveCampaign and HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive or Copper

To set up a 2-way integration between your CRM and ActiveCampaign, simply follow the steps outlined above and when creating a connection in Outfunnel > App connector, authorize a connection with your CRM.

Then, click on Create connection and follow the setup process to configure how contacts will be synced between the two tools.

In the Record engagement tab, configure how you want email engagement to be recorded in your CRM. Hit the Activate button and you're good to go.

For CRM-specific guidelines, see the articles below:

How to use Outfunnel's Web tracking and Lead scoring with ActiveCampaign

Web visits and lead scores are great additional lead signals that can help your salespeople sell smarter.

Outfunnel's Web tracking detects when your contacts visit your website, and records such data in your CRM. Further, you can see a visitor feed and a channel report based on your sales data inside Outfunnel. Set it up once and it will work in the background for you. Read more about Outfunnel's Web tracking.

Outfunnel's Lead scoring calculates lead scores based on email and web engagement, and records these in your CRM. It is turned on for all accounts by default, but you can configure or deactivate it as you wish. Read more about Outfunnel's lead scoring functionality.

Tips, observations, and useful definitions

💡 Sync frequency. Outfunnel syncs some data instantly and some every 4 hours (approximately). You can force a sync when you click on the headline of an Automation and then click the “Sync events now” button.

💡 Unsubscribe recording. Outfunnel only records end-user initiated unsubscribes in the CRM and manual unsubscribes in ActiveCampaign are not recorded. When a contact is unsubscribed manually but they still match a segmented in the CRM that is targeted by an automation, then Outfunnel will resubscribe them in ActiveCampaign. If you'd like to manually remove a contact in ActiveCampaign, they need to be permanently deleted under the contact profile in ActiveCampaign.

💡 Email activity is registered on a Contact level. If someone has sent an email, or they open or click in an email, this is registered independently of the deal stage or pipeline in their Contact profile.

💡 Supported campaign types. Outfunnel comprehensively tracks and records data for all ActiveCampaign campaign types.

💡 All engagement is recorded as a new activity type in the CRM. This applies to sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. All of these types are easily filterable in most CRMs, allowing you to create a list of people based on engagements.

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