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2-way Copper-ActiveCampaign integration
2-way Copper-ActiveCampaign integration

Sync your Copper database seamlessly with ActiveCamapaign (and keep it synced) using Outfunnel's 2-way integration

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The most common frustration that people have when using both Copper and ActiveCampaign? The integration is not automatic and only syncs one-way.

While you can use Zapier to connect Copper and ActiveCampaign, its setup is difficult to configure, maintain and it can get expensive rather quickly. For each contact added, field updated, contact deleted or engagement created you'd need to set up a separate Zap, with multiple steps to ensure no duplicates are created and the information is synced with the right contacts).

Outfunnel's Copper-ActiveCampaign integration is designed for B2B companies who want 2 key things from a sales-marketing integration:

  1. Keep sales and marketing contacts in sync and

  2. Automatically record ActiveCampaign email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes in Copper for the salespeople to see.

With just a 10-minute, no-code setup your marketing can use the contact lists defined in Copper for their campaigns and give sales full visibility into leads' engagement, so they can sell smarter.).

How it works

  • Make all Copper contacts or subset(s) you define available in ActiveCampaign lists, along with your custom contact and company fields.

  • Keep the two contact databases in sync going forward. E.g. if a custom text field is updated in Copper, this is recorded in ActiveCampaign automatically.

  • Record email engagement on contact profiles in Copper whenever people open or click on ActiveCampaign email campaigns (one-off and automation campaigns).

  • New ActiveCampaign subscribers can be copied to Copper as contacts. Alternatively, new contacts can be copied to Copper only when they open or click on an email campaign.

Connect Copper and ActiveCampaign today

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Set up contact sync

Watch this quick integration how-to video or follow the steps below.

1. Authenticate your apps. Head to Outfunnel > App connector, select Copper and ActiveCampaign, and authenticate as per on-screen instructions if you haven't done so already.

2. Select the connection type. Click on Connect and choose Contact sync as the connection type

3. Set up contact sync rules. You can set up the contact sync from Copper to ActiveCampaign or ActiveCampaign to Copper.

  • Copper > ActiveCampaign. Choose whether to sync all Copper contacts or only contacts you’ve defined with a Contact tag, Lead Status, or Contact Type. Learn more about Copper segmenting options. Then select the ActiveCampaign list you'd like to sync them to.

    You can sync different Copper segments to different ActiveCampaign Lists (eg. separate tags for different regions or pipeline stages) or you can sync multiple Copper segments to the same ActiveCampaign List.

  • ActiveCampaign > Copper. Choose a list that you'd like to record new subscribers to Copper as leads and specify the owner. Once the lead is created in Copper, a "Contact Created" activity is added under the lead profile.

    • A new subscriber will not run be created from mass inserts such as contact imports.

    • The contact will only be added if they are subscribed to a list

    • New contacts are created as Leads in Copper. If the Leads functionality is turned off, Persons are created instead.

💡 Adding contacts

  • Outfunnel subscribes contacts to the ActiveCampaign list.

  • Outfunnel resubscribes contacts that had unsubscribed in the past. To avoid this, simply remove the contact from the Copper segment.

💡 Removing contacts

  • If a contact is deleted or removed from the Copper segment, Outfunnel removes the contact from the respective list in ActiveCampaign. The contact still remains in the overall contact database in ActiveCampaign.

💡 Things to keep in mind

  • Contacts do not get unsubscribed from ActiveCampaign if you remove the contact sync rule or change the target segment.

4. Set up field mapping. Navigate to the field mapping step to select which fields or custom fields you’d like the sync to consider. You can choose up to 30 fields from all your Lead, Person, and Organization fields and custom fields.

Note: If the desired ActiveCampaign field isn’t showing up in the dropdown list, please make sure the field is available in the specific list you have selected. You can check this by going to the advanced options in the field settings in ActiveCampaign.

5. Activate. Activate the connection. The first sync can take up to 5 minutes based on the number of contacts in the sync. All contact changes sync in real-time from there.

Set up engagement sync

1. Authenticate your apps. Head to Outfunnel > App connector, select Copper and ActiveCampaign, and authenticate as per on-screen instructions if you haven't done so already.

2. Select the connection type. Click on Connect and choose Engagement sync as the connection type

3. Choose the audience. Choose the ActiveCampaign lists and automations for which you’d like to record email engagement (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc).

4. Define how engagement gets recorded. Then define how you’d like email activities like opens, clicks, bounces, or unsubscribes recorded in Copper – or simply use our default settings.

5. Set up field mapping. When Outfunnel syncs an engagement for a contact that does not yet exist in Copper, a new contact is created with the defined field mapping. Navigate to the field mapping step to select which fields or custom fields you’d like the sync to consider.

6. Activate. Activate the connection. By default, Outfunnel records engagement from emails that have been sent after activating the connection but you can also choose to sync engagement events from the last 30 days when activating the connection. The sync runs every 4 hours automatically thereafter or you can trigger an instant sync anytime by clicking on Sync now.

See what has synced

Once the connection is live, navigate to the Status tab to see how many contacts are in-sync, how many are errored (and why), and when the last sync ran.

Tips, observations, and useful definitions

💡 Unsubscribe recording. Outfunnel only records end-user initiated unsubscribes in Copper and manual unsubscribes in ActiveCampaign are not recorded. When a contact is unsubscribed manually but they still match a segment in Copper that is targeted by an automation, then Outfunnel will resubscribe them in ActiveCampaign. If you'd like to manually remove a contact in ActiveCampaign, they need to be permanently deleted under the contact profile in ActiveCampaign.

💡 Email activity is registered on a Contact level. If someone has sent an email, or they open or click in an email, this is registered independently of the deal stage or pipeline in their Contact profile.

💡 Supported campaign types. Outfunnel supports one-off and automation campaigns.

💡 All engagement is recorded as a new activity type in Copper. This applies to sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes. All of these types are easily filterable in Copper allowing you to create a list of people based on engagements.

Please note that an API Key is necessary to create an Outfunnel account. Make sure your Copper plan allows you to generate API Keys.

Start syncing data between ActiveCampaign and Copper.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

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