This article explains how to connect Wix Forms with your CRM. If you use WordPress, see this article instead.

This article explains how you can connect Wix Forms with your CRM to sync contacts from forms fills to your CRM, and record the form submissions on contact records. Works with Pipedrive, Copper and HubSpot CRM.

How to record Wix Form submissions in your CRM

1. Once you’ve signed up to an Outfunnel account, go to Outfunnel > App connector , select your CRM and Wix Forms, authenticate the apps and click on Create connection.

2. Submit a complete form on your website of the form you'd like to track, then click on the "Refresh fields" button and choose the form from the dropdown menu.

3. Select which fields or custom fields you’d like to sync to your CRM with field mapping. If the field does not yet exist in your CRM, you need to pre-create this first (automatic field creation coming in Q2 2021).

4. Finally, define how you’d like form submissions to be recorded in your CRM. Currently, Outfunnel can create an activity but we'll be adding the option to update a custom field in Q2.

5. Click on Activate to put the connection live. Fill in another test submission to see the information appear in your CRM. The form submission is recorded in your CRM within 30 seconds.

Tips, observations, and useful definitions

💡 Outfunnel creates a "Form Fill" activity in the CRM automatically. Once a form is filled, a "Form Fill" activity is recorded for the contact in the CRM including the submission details

💡 Initiating Outfunnel's web tracking from form fills is coming soon. Outfunnel will be able to initiate web tracking from a form fill in Q2 2021.

💡 Outfunnel creates the contact in your CRM, if the contact does not yet exist in the CRM already. Data from all the fields will be synced over according to your field mapping.

💡 Existing contact fields are not updated. If the contact already exists in your CRM, Outfunnel will not update its fields. The full form submission is available in the created activity.

💡 Edit settings any time. You can change these settings at any time by clicking on the Edit button on the Connection under App connector.

💡 Web visitor tracking coming soon. You will be able to track the website visits of your form fills and have these recorded on the contact profiles in the CRM.

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