Wix Forms-CRM integration

Create contacts from form submissions and record Wix form submissions in your CRM

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This article explains how to set up a Wix Forms-CRM integration with Pipedrive, Copper, and Hubspot. If you use Salesforce, see here.

How to record Wix Form submissions in your CRM

1. Once you’ve signed up to an Outfunnel account, go to Outfunnel > App connector , select your CRM and Wix Forms, authenticate the apps and click on Create connection.

2. Submit a complete form on your website of the form you'd like to track, then click on the "Refresh fields" button and choose the form from the dropdown menu.

3. Select which fields or custom fields you’d like to sync to your CRM with field mapping. If the field does not yet exist in your CRM, you need to pre-create this first.

4. Finally, define how you’d like form submissions to be recorded in your CRM. Outfunnel supports creating an activity, a lead (Pipedrive only), a note (Pipedrive only), or updating a field.

5. Click on Activate to put the connection live. Fill in another test submission to see the information appear in your CRM. The form submission is recorded in your CRM within 30 seconds.

How to enable web tracking for leads that fill in the form?

With Outfunnel's web tracking functionality, you can discover how the lead landed on your website, which web pages they visited before filling in the form, and track their future visits.

To enable web tracking, simply implement Outfunnel's web tracking code on your website. Once implemented, simply fill in a test form submission so that Outfunnel can identify the lead for web tracking purposes. An activity showing the visited pages and source/medium data will show in your CRM 30 minutes after a visit.

Please note:

  • Once the web tracking code is implemented, the identification is enabled by default.

  • Outfunnel creates the Source/medium field in your CRM automatically

Find out how many events have synced

Once the connection is live, navigate to the Status tab to see key information about the connection, such as when were events last synced and which events have been synced. Please note that each event counts towards your billing quota.

Common reasons why the connection may not be working

See here for common reasons why form sync may not be working.

💡 Changing a field’s name in the Wix form when there is a connection already activated will cause the field mapping to break. This means no new contacts will get created and you may be missing some form submissions. To fix this, please send a new form submission to the form then click “Refresh fields” in the field mapping. The new field name should show up then and you can re-do the field mapping with the correct field.

Tips, observations, and useful definitions

💡 Outfunnel creates a "Form Fill" activity in the CRM automatically. Once a form is filled, a "Form Fill" activity is recorded for the contact in the CRM including the submission details

💡 Web tracking activity is synced to CRM with a 30-minute delay. While the web visit appears under the Outfunnel visitor feed almost immediately, it's synced to your CRM with a 30-minute delay to ensure that the entire session is listed under a single activity.

💡 Outfunnel creates the contact in your CRM, if the contact does not yet exist in the CRM already. Data from all the fields will be synced over according to your field mapping.

💡 Existing contact fields are not updated. If the contact already exists in your CRM, Outfunnel will not update its fields. The full form submission is available in the created activity.

💡 Edit settings any time. You can change these settings at any time by clicking on the Edit button on the Connection under App connector.

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