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👱 What are “Active Contacts” and how are they calculated?
👱 What are “Active Contacts” and how are they calculated?
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Note: If you signed up to Outfunnel prior to the 24th of October 2022 you may still be on the Legacy plan. If you see Events instead of Active Contacts on your billing plan, please refer to this article.

Outfunnel’s main pricing unit is Active Contacts. A contact is counted as an Active Contact if any of the following is true for the given billing period:

  • The contact is part of a contact sync

  • An engagement has been recorded for the contact

  • The contact has visited your website

  • The contact has a lead score

We're only charging for unique monthly Active Contacts. This means that each contact is counted once per billing period, regardless of how many of the above are true. For example, when a contact is part of 2 contact syncs and they also have a lead score, it counts as one Active Contact.

The Active Contacts counter resets each billing period.

Where can I see how many Active Contacts I have?

We have also made it easy for you to see just how many Active Contacts you have and which actions they have been part of. You can find the total number of Active Contacts for the current billing period under the Usage section in Billing inside the app.

How to reduce the number of Active Contacts?

Here are some of the ways you can reduce the Active Contacts count. We recommend first checking the usage page to see where most Active Contacts are generated and then optimizing:

Contact sync

  • We recommend only keeping in sync the contacts that you are actively marketing to and removing the inactive contacts from the target CRM list/filter

  • Contacts that run into compliance errors in contact sync count toward Active Contacts. We recommend removing these contacts from your CRM list/filter.

Engagement sync

  • Consider turning off email send recording as this usually generates the most Active Contacts. This way Outfunnel will only record engagement for opens/clicks/bounces/unsubscribes and reduce the Active Contacts count

Lead scoring

  • If you have many contacts with an active lead score we recommend shortening the score expiry date so that older lead scores get removed

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