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↩️ How to reset a contact's lead score
↩️ How to reset a contact's lead score
Updated over a week ago

With Outfunnel's lead scoring feature you can score your lead behavior based on their:

  • web visits

  • email engagement

  • CRM activities that have been added by marketing or sales (ie meetings, webinar attendance, SMS, etc.).

Sometimes you may want to reset a contact's lead score - for example when it turns out that the contact is not interested in buying and you'd like to remove them from the target list.

To do that, simply open the contact's profile under the Contacts tab in Outfunnel and click to reset the lead score.

A few things to note:

  • Lead score reset is irreversible

  • After resetting the score, Outfunnel will disregard any web and email engagements until 00:00 UTC time. So for example, if you reset the score at 23:00 UTC, all engagements that happen in the 1-hour window are disregarded

  • While the score is reset to 0, only web visit and email engagement scores are removed. CRM activity and field-based scores are recalculated at 00:00 UTC midnight as this is based on CRM data. If you would also like to remove the CRM-based score simply remove the activities/field values in the CRM

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