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How to remove activities from showing up in Google/Outlook Calendar with Pipedrive
How to remove activities from showing up in Google/Outlook Calendar with Pipedrive
Remove engagement activities from your calendar
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If you've set up calendar sync in Pipedrive and are recording marketing engagement in Pipedrive with Outfunnel, then all activities are also added to your Google or Outlook calendar.

This is happening due to Pipedrive's calendar sync configuration but can be easily turned off. Here's how:

  1. Open Settings in Pipedrive, then navigate to Calendar sync.

  2. Uncheck the activity types that have been created by Outfunnel:

    1. Newsletter or Newsletter Sent

    2. Newsletter Opened

    3. Newsletter Clicked

    4. Newsletter Bounce

    5. Newsletter Unsubscribe

    6. Contact Created

    7. Newsletter Reply

    8. Form Submitted

    9. Visited Website

  3. Each Pipedrive user that has the Calendar Sync feature live would need to repeat this step in their accounts.

Please note:

  • It is possible you don’t have all of these activities visible in the Calendar sync since it depends on how you use Outfunnel. In that case, you just have to unselect the activities you have that match the list above. The settings are saved automatically so, after unselecting, no more activities from Outfunnel will be created in your calendar.

  • Please note that this only applies to future activities and already synced activities are not deleted. If you'd like to remove the existing ones, just delete them directly from your calendar after you've unchecked the activities.

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