Here are some of the reasons why contacts are not syncing and engagement is not recording as expected:

My Outfunnel account is not syncing contacts from the CRM to the marketing tool

  • Data sync is scheduled but not yet completed. Outfunnel is not (yet) real-time but runs the sync every 4 hours or so. That said, you can force a sync any time when you click “Sync now” on the connection.
  • Email field is incorrect. Mailchimp API rejects any contacts with a missing or erroneous email address.
  • Duplicate email. If you have several emails in Pipedrive with the same email address, we only sync the contact that Outfunnel finds first. Our suggestion is to merge the duplicate contacts in Pipedrive to fix the issue.
  • No admin rights. If Outfunnel has been connected to a non-admin Pipedrive user, we won’t be able to sync private contacts. To solve this, please reconnect Outfunnel with an admin Pipedrive user.
  • Field requirements on Mailchimp side. If Mailchimp has been configured to require certain fields filled, and the corresponding fields are empty in Pipedrive, Mailchimp API rejects these contacts.
  • Contact has been deleted. After you delete and remove a contact from a Mailchimp Audience, you won’t be able to add them back to the same Audience. The solution is to subscribe this contact to a new Audience.
  • Damaged data connections. Finally, sometimes making changes to fields or contents of fields that are synced via Outfunnel on the Mailchimp end may result in partially disabling Outfunnel automations

My Outfunnel account is not syncing any data from the marketing tool to CRM

  • No Pipedrive to Mailchimp connection. Currently, Outfunnel only records email data and web visits for these Mailchimp contacts that have been synced to Mailchimp from Pipedrive with Outfunnel. This means you need to first create an automation from Pipedrive to Mailchimp. See here for a guide on how to do that. Pro tip: We recommend that you first collate your whole contact list (Pipedrive + Mailchimp) into Pipedrive and sync all the contacts, or a selection you define with Pipedrive filters, into Mailchimp with Outfunnel.
  • Different target Audiences. The targeted newsletter Audience in the Pipedrive to Mailchimp automation needs to match with the target Audience in the Mailchimp to Pipedrive automation. You can adjust that by logging into your account.

I have installed the website tracking code but I am not seeing any web visits

  • e-Commerce link tracking not enabled. Outfunnel uses Mailchimp’s e-commerce link tracking to match email addresses to website visitors. This means that you need to tick “e-commerce link tracking” on the Mailchimp campaign every time you send out a newsletter
  • No newsletters sent. We can track the leads once you’ve sent out a newsletter
  • No Pipedrive to Mailchimp and Mailchimp to Pipedrive automation. We can only store website visits on your Pipedrive contacts once you’ve created a two-way sync between Pipedrive and Mailchimp. See here for a guide on how to do that.

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