Here are some of the common reasons why contacts or engagements are not syncing.

Contact sync

We recommend checking the Error Feed under the Connection status menu first. If this does not provide an answer please see other common reasons below:

  • Data sync is scheduled but not yet completed. Outfunnel is not (yet) real-time but runs the sync every 4 hours or so. We recommend clicking "Sync now" to trigger an instant sync - data should get synced within 10 minutes

  • The email field is incorrect or missing. Any contacts that have a missing or erroneous email address. (Error: looks fake or invalid, please enter a real email address.)

  • Field requirements on Mailchimp side. If Mailchimp has been configured to require certain fields filled, and the corresponding fields are empty in the CRM, Mailchimp API rejects these contacts. (Error: Your merge fields were invalid. Field: ADDRESS, reason: Please enter a complete address)

  • Contact has been deleted or is in a compliance state. After you delete and remove a contact from a Mailchimp Audience, you won’t be able to add them back to the same Audience. The solution is to subscribe this contact to a new Audience. If the contact is in a compliance state (cleaned contacts, for example), the same applies. (Error: is in a compliance state due to unsubscribe, bounce, or compliance review and cannot be subscribed)

  • Duplicate email. If you have several emails in your CRM with the same email address, we only sync the contact that Outfunnel finds first. Our suggestion is to merge the duplicate contacts in the CRM to fix the issue. (Error: Another contact with ID 1234 synced with exactly the same email or Another contact with ID undefined synced with exactly the same email)

  • No admin rights. If Outfunnel has been connected to a non-admin CRM user, we won’t be able to sync private contacts. To solve this, please reconnect Outfunnel with an admin user.

  • Damaged data connections. Finally, sometimes making changes to fields or contents of fields that are synced via Outfunnel on the marketing tool end may result in partially disabling Outfunnel connections.

Engagement sync

Here are some of the common issues why engagements are not recorded in the CRM:

  • Historical data is not synced by default. Outfunnel only records engagements from campaigns that have been sent after setting up the connection. Historical sync is available on demand - please reach out to our support for details.

  • Hubspot A/B campaigns. Outfunnel does not yet support Hubspot A/B campaigns. Please reach out to support to let us know if this is critical for your business

  • Sendinblue automation campaigns. Outfunnel does not yet support Sendinblue automation campaigns due to limitations from Sendinblue API. We recommend reaching out to Sendinblue to let them know that you'd like to have API access for automation campaigns to speed up them adding support for this.

Form sync

  • Some or all of the forms don't show in the selector. This usually happens due to:

    • The new form might not have been detected by Outfunnel. Simply submit a new form submission and click "Refresh fields" in the Connection setup menu.

    • Your website or WordPress uses a firewall that blocks incoming requests that Outfunnel makes. Please whitelist the following Outfunnel IPs and Port 443 that the system uses to make requests:




    • A WordPress plugin has disabled REST API that Outfunnel uses to query forms. These plugins are usually optimization plugins like Perfmatters. To resolve, simply enable REST API through the plugin settings.

  • Form submit activities are not created in the CRM. Outfunnel creates the Form Submit activity automatically in the CRM and records the activity under the contact that matches the email that was used in the form.

    • If you don't see the activities in HubSpot, please enable the Outfunnel activity types by heading to a contact profile > Filter Activities > enable Outfunnel.

    • If you don't see the activities in Copper, please ensure you have less than 25 activity types as this is the limit in Copper

    • If you don't see Form Submit activities from Elementor Forms, please ensure you have not assigned a custom id to your form (Elementor form > Additional settings). If you have, please recreate the form without a custom id or reach out to Outfunnel's support for help.

    • If you don't see Form Submit activities from Elementor Forms, please ensure you are not using a global widget. If you are, you must first unlink the forms from the global widget and then you'll see them show up individually in Outfunnel to create a connection instead of showing up as a single form.

  • Unable to activate Outfunnel's WordPress plugin. If you're getting an error message when activating the plugin or if your website crashes when you try to activate the plugin:

  • Outfunnel WP plugin is installed on multiple websites. Outfunnel currently supports a single website for downloading form submissions. If you've installed the plugin on multiple sites, Outfunnel pulls in data from the last website that it was added. If you'd like to change the website that is used for form data, simply remove the plugin from the other website.

Meeting sync

Here are some of the common issues why meetings are not recorded in the CRM from Calendly:

  • Available only on the Professional plan and up. API access in Calendly is only available from the Professional plan and above

Couldn’t find a solution? Contact us at and we’ll help you out.

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