With Outfunnel you can send emails to three types of segments:

  • Event based segments created in Outfunnel.
  • Contact segments created in your CRM. Read more.
  • Imported segments that have been imported to Outfunnel via .csv. Read more.

In this article we'll show you how to create event based segments in Outfunnel

Event based segments

With Outfunnel, you can create event based segments and select them as a target for email campaigns for one-off campaigns and automated email sequences.

Event based segments are a great addition to CRM based segments and can be created based on three condition types:

  • Email activity
  • Website activity
  • Lead score
  • CRM fields are coming soon

You can even mix different conditions to create a more targeted segment. Here's some examples of segments that you could create:

  • All people who received your latest newsletter but didn't open it (great for resending to everyone who didn't open)
  • All people who have visited a specific page on your website (ie the /pricing page
  • All people who have a lead score of 25+ (meaning they are likely to be hot leads)

How to create event based segments

1. Navigate to Contacts and click on "Create segment"

2. Add the desired conditions and combine them in any way you'd like.

3. Save the segment and go back to the contact page to see how many contacts match the filter. You can also access it from the left hand side menu and go back to the edit mode if you something doesn't look right.

4. You can now select the newly created segment as a recipient for Outfunnel one-off campaigns and automated email sequences.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

💡 Segments are dynamic. New contacts that start matching the segment conditions, show in the segment. Note that if you have an active sequence targeted against the segment, the sequence would send to the newly added contact(s).

💡 Coming soon: static and Outfunnel fields. Currently, all conditions reflect events and the Outfunnel created lead score field. We'll soon add support for additional Outfunnel fields like source/medium and CRM fields.

💡 Mailchimp email engagement is not supported in segments. Only Outfunnel campaign email engagement events are available when creating event based segements.

💡 Still a work in progress. We're constantly adding new condition types and selectors. If you find a bug or have feature requests that would make the usage easier for you, let us know on support@outfunnel.com

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