Outfunnel is a marketing automation tool that drives revenue. These are the key benefits of using Outfunnel with HubSpot CRM:

  1. Easily send automated emails your HubSpot CRM contacts
    Use Outfunnel to send automated email sequences and single email campaigns to your HubSpot contacts. In fact, it is the most affordable alternative to HubSpot Sequences.
  2. See email and web engagement data in HubSpot
    Outfunnel syncs your email and web engagement data back to the CRM. Enough said!
  3. Identify your hottest opportunities in HubSpot with data from Outfunnel's web tracking and lead scoring
    Outfunnel's web tracking and lead scoring features send these important data points to HubSpot, so you'll never miss when a lead is hot.

In this article, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Connecting Outfunnel to HubSpot
  • Sending Outfunnel email campaigns to HubSpot contacts
  • Selecting HubSpot contacts in Outfunnel
  • Syncing email engagement data to HubSpot
  • Syncing data between HubSpot and Mailchimp. Learn more
  • Web visitor tracking
  • Using email and web engagement data for Lead scoring

Without further ado, let's jump in!

Connecting Outfunnel to HubSpot

In order to allow Outfunnel and HubSpot to talk to each other, you’ll need to connect the two apps.

Here's how to connect Outfunnel to HubSpot:

  1. Head over to the HubSpot marketplace and click "Connect App" in the top right corner
  2. A new page will open where you need to grant Outfunnel access to your HubSpot account
  3. Once you've granted access, you're done! HubSpot and Outfunnel are now connected and the next step is to create an email campaign.

Sending Outfunnel email campaigns to HubSpot CRM contacts

In Outfunnel, you can create two types of email campaigns:

  • Single email campaigns – these are one-off emails that will be sent to anyone that matches your chosen criteria at the time of sending the campaign. Single campaigns are best for announcements, invites, sharing new content, etc.
  • Sequences – multi-stage, automated drip campaigns that will be sent to your contacts as they are added to the list. Great for automating lead nurturing or follow-ups.

Choose the email campaign type that fits your campaign goals best.

P.S. Note that when you personalize emails, you can select from a list of the most commonly used fields as well as any custom fields you have added to HubSpot CRM.

Selecting your HubSpot CRM contacts in Outfunnel

When you create a new email campaign in Outfunnel, you’ll need to choose who will receive the emails.

As you'll see in the first step of the campaign creation, you can choose any of your HubSpot lists as recipients for an email campaign.

  • When you send a single email campaign to a HubSpot list, the entire list will receive your email as a one-off campaign.
  • When you send an email sequence to a list, all current contacts and any new contacts that are added to the list in the future will receive the sequence

Syncing email engagement data to HubSpot CRM

Once you’ve sent your email campaign, all your email engagement data like opens, clicks, and replies will be automatically synced to HubSpot CRM as an Activity.

Important: The engagements that Outfunnel creates might be hidden at first in Hubspot. Here's how to make them visible:

  1. Send out at least one email from Outfunnel
  2. Open any contact profile in Hubspot and click on "Filter activity" option on the top of the timeline.
  3. Under Integrations section, enable "Outfunnel"

Visibility into such email marketing engagement data in HubSpot CRM will help you (or your sales reps) streamline

your sales process and quickly focus on the hottest leads. For example, you could build a call list from only those Leads or Contacts that have opened or clicked in the latest campaign.

All of your engagement stats are synced as Activities in HubSpot. This means you can use this data in your list criteria and custom reports.

Syncing between HubSpot CRM and Mailchimp

While Outfunnel's own email tool is great for most use cases, it does not have all the advanced features of full-blown email marketing giants like Mailchimp.

As an Outfunnel user you can also use our seamless 2-way HubSpot CRM-Mailchimp integration that lets you sync all HubSpot contacts or specific lists to Mailchimp and record email engagement back to HubSpot.

Read more about our 2-way HubSpot CRM-Mailchimp integration

Tracking web visits

Our web visitor tracking feature will allow you to have web visit data added to HubSpot CRM contacts as an Activity. This is handy if you want to prioritize or segment leads who have visited specific pages on your site.

Read more about web tracking

Automatically calculated Lead Scores based on email and web engagement

Last but not least, Outfunnel uses all of the abovementioned email engagement and web engagement data to calculate lead scores for your contacts. These are automatically synced to HubSpot CRM as a custom person field "Lead Score".

If you do not wish to use the Lead Scoring feature, you can disable it in Outfunnel, from Automations > Configure > Lead Scoring.

Read more about our Lead Scoring feature

How to disconnect Hubspot CRM from Outfunnel?

Please reach out to support@outfunnel.com or through the chat to disconnect Hubspot CRM from your Outfunnel account.

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