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🚩 Common reasons web tracking is not working or doesn't show identified leads
🚩 Common reasons web tracking is not working or doesn't show identified leads

Having trouble seeing identified visitors? Don’t worry – we’ll walk you through it and help you get everything in order.

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If you are having trouble getting the web tracking active:

  • Visit your page and browse a few pages. Once you've browsed a few pages and stayed on the page for longer than 3 seconds, head back to Outfunnel and click on "Verify installation". We also recommend trying this in incognito mode.

  • If using WP plugin. Ensure that the tracking code is correct in the plugin.

  • If using GTM. Ensure that you've published the changes

If web tracking is active but you don't see any identified visitors:

  • Confirm that a recipient has clicked on a link in your email. A recipient should have clicked on a link in your email campaign that leads back to your website

  • Website visitor has not yet filled out a form on your website. See list of supported forms

  • Your leads have not yet visited your website.

  • Website visitor is using an ad blocker that blocks Outfunnel's tracking script. This will likely be the case with a certain % of visitors but if you are testing web tracking then we recommend using an incognito window.

  • Website visitor stayed on the page for less than 3 seconds. Outfunnel applies a 3-second delay to the start of web tracking and uses a combination of browser data points to determine whether the visit has been made by a bot or a human. This means that if you identify a lead from an email click, a web visit may not always be recorded to reduce clutter and only provide you with accurate data.

Couldn’t find a solution? Contact us at and we’ll help you out.

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