2-way Pipedrive-Klaviyo integration

Sync contacts and engagements between Pipedrive and Klaviyo.

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Klaviyo only offers a Zapier/Make connection which is universal but difficult to configure, maintain and can get expensive rather quickly. For each contact added, field updated, contact deleted or engagement created you'd need to set up a separate Zap, with multiple steps to ensure no duplicates are created and the information is synced with the right contacts.

Outfunnel's Pipedrive-Klaviyo integration is designed for B2B companies who want 2 key things from a sales-marketing integration:

  1. Keep sales and marketing contacts in sync and

  2. Automatically record Klaviyo email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes in Pipedrive for the salespeople to see.

Our integration syncs your Pipedrive contacts to Klaviyo, keeps the lists up to date, and records all email engagements as activities on the contact profiles in Pipedrive.

With just a 10-minute, no-code setup your marketing can use the contact lists defined in Pipedrive for their campaigns and give sales full visibility into leads' engagement, so they can sell smarter.

Connect Pipedrive and Klaviyo, deeply and easily

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

What data does Outfunnel sync between Pipedrive and Klaviyo

Contacts and companies

  • Make all Pipedrive contacts or subset(s) you define with filters available in a Klaviyo list, along with your custom contact and company fields.

  • Keep the two databases in sync going forward. E.g. if a custom text field is updated in Pipedrive, this is updated in Klaviyo automatically.

  • Sync Klaviyo contacts to Pipedrive when they subscribe or when they open or click an email campaign


  • Record Klaviyo email engagement for contacts in Pipedrive. Outfunnel supports sends, opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.

  • Record web visits and custom lead scores in Pipedrive with Outfunnel's own Web tracking and Lead scoring as additional lead signals.

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Set up contact sync

Sync contacts from Pipedrive to Klaviyo and create contacts in Pipedrive from new Klaviyo subscribers.

1. Authenticate your apps. Head to App connector, select Pipedrive and Klaviyo, and authenticate as per on-screen instructions if you haven't done so already. Klaviyo Private API key can be found under Settings > Account > API Keys

2. Select the connection type. Click on Connect and choose Contact sync as the connection type

3. Set up contact sync rules. You can set up the contact sync from Pipedrive to Klaviyo or Klaviyo to Pipedrive.

💡 Adding contacts

  • Outfunnel adds contacts to the Klaviyo list and you can also choose to subscribe them. Whether they are just on the list or also subscribed, you can send marketing emails to these contacts in either case.

  • In case you choose to subscribe the contacts, we strongly recommend turning off double opt-in for the lists in Klaviyo as otherwise all contacts that get added to the list through Outfunnel receive a list subscription confirmation email.

  • Outfunnel resubscribes contacts that had unsubscribed in the past. To avoid this, simply remove the contact from the Pipedrive filter. Suppressed contacts don't get resubscribed.

💡 Removing contacts

  • If a contact is deleted or removed from the Pipedrive filter, Outfunnel removes the contact from the respective list in Klaviyo. The contact still remains in the overall contact database in Klaviyo and retains their subscription status.

💡 Things to keep in mind

  • Contacts do not get removed/unsubscribed from Klaviyo if you remove the contact sync rule or change the target segment.

  • Sync contacts from Pipedrive to Klaviyo. Choose whether to sync all Pipedrive contacts or only contacts you’ve defined with a Pipedrive Person filter and select the Klaviyo list you'd like to sync them to.

    As you are syncing contacts, not Deals, then only Pipedrive People filters are visible in Outfunnel. Learn how to set up Pipedrive People filters.

    You can sync different Pipedrive filters to different Klaviyo lists (eg. separate email lists for different regions or pipeline stages) or you can sync multiple Pipedrive filters to the same Klaviyo list (eg. a filter with open Deals for each sales rep, all synced to one big newsletter List)

  • Sync contacts from Klaviyo to Pipedrive. Choose a list that you'd like to record new subscribers to Pipedrive as contacts and specify the contact owner.

    Once the contact is created in Pipedrive, a "Contact Created" activity is added under the contact profile. Note that currently, Outfunnel creates contacts in Pipedrive. Lead creation support is coming soon.

4. Set up field mapping. Navigate to the field mapping step to select which fields or custom fields you’d like the sync to consider.

💡 If the field doesn't exist in Klaviyo yet, click on "add new property" in the field mapping flow. If an existing property with the same name exists it will be linked (Case sensitive)

💡Please note that Klaviyo phone field only accepts numbers that match the following formats: +91xxxxxxxxxx

5. Activate. Activate the connection. The first sync can take up to 5 minutes based on the number of contacts in the sync. From there, Outfunnel checks for segment changes once every 2 hours. For example, if you add or remove a contact from the target segment then it will take a maximum of 2 hours for the data to sync. Field changes for contacts that are already in sync are updated in real-time.

Set up engagement sync

Outfunnel supports recording engagement from Klaviyo single email campaigns and flows

If you've already set up a connection, skip to the second step.

1. Authenticate your apps. Head to App connector, select Pipedrive and Klaviyo, and authenticate as per on-screen instructions if you haven't done so already. Klaviyo Private API key can be found under Settings > Account > API Keys

2. Select the connection type. Click on Connect and choose Engagement sync as the connection type

3. Choose the list, flow or segment. Choose the Klaviyo list, flow or segment for which you’d like to record email engagement (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc).

4. Define how engagement gets recorded. Then define how you’d like email activities like opens, clicks, bounces, or unsubscribes recorded in Pipedrive – or simply use our default settings.

5. Set up field mapping. When Outfunnel syncs an engagement for a contact that does not yet exist in Pipedrive, a new contact can be created with the defined field mapping. Navigate to the field mapping step to select which fields or custom fields you’d like the sync to consider.

6. Activate. Activate the connection. Outfunnel only records engagement from emails that have been sent after activating the connection. The sync happens every 2 hours.

PS. We also offer retrospective sync on demand for an additional cost. Please refer to this article.

See what has synced

Once the connection is live, navigate to the Status tab to see how many contacts are in-sync, how many are errored (and why), and when the last sync ran.

Tips, observations, and useful definitions:


💡 Sync frequency. Outfunnel syncs data every 2 hours. You can force a sync when you click on the “Sync now” button of the connection in the App connector.

💡 Pre-create field values. Single and multiple option fields need to have the options pre-created in Klaviyo and Pipedrive (case insensitive)

Contact sync

💡 Outfunnel supports two ways to manage your contacts between Pipedrive and Klaviyo

  • Option A. Master database of all contacts in Pipedrive, contacts synced to Klaviyo for emailing via Outfunnel. To enable this, first collate your whole contact list (Pipedrive + Klaviyo) into Pipedrive and sync all contacts, or a selection you define with Pipedrive filters, into Klaviyo with Outfunnel.

  • Option B. Contact list in Klaviyo is separate from prospect/customer list in Pipedrive. If a contact, defined by their email address, exists in both Pipedrive and Klaviyo, we log email engagement to Pipedrive to the right contact.

💡 Best results with a new List. We recommend setting up a brand new Klaviyo List to ensure everything works flawlessly, but syncing data to an already existing List works as well in most cases.

💡 Duplicate contacts. If you have duplicate contacts in Pipedrive, then Outfunnel only syncs the first instance of the contact to Klaviyo. This is because Klaviyo only accepts one unique email.

💡 Contacts with multiple emails. Outfunnel only syncs the first email address of the contact to Klaviyo. Other addresses will be ignored.

💡 Make edits in Pipedrive only. Outfunnel currently treats Pipedrive as the “single source of truth”, and any changes you make in Pipedrive will be reflected in Klaviyo. This doesn’t work the other way around. If you’d like to edit the contents of a field in Klaviyo, please make the changes in Pipedrive and let Outfunnel take care of syncing this to Klaviyo.

Engagement sync

💡 First unique URL click per email per contact is recorded. Outfunnel records the first unique URL click per email per contact. For example, if a contact clicks 2 unique URLs, 3 times each then two click activities get created in your CRM.

💡 Supported campaign types. Outfunnel comprehensively tracks and records data for Klaviyo:

  • Campaigns

  • Flows

💡 Activities are added to my calendar. Please note that if you've set up calendar sync in Pipedrive, then all activities are automatically added to your Google or Outlook calendar. To turn this off simply uncheck Outfunnel activity types in Pipedrive > Company Settings > Calendar Sync

These are the types that Outfunnel creates: Newsletter Sent, Newsletter Opened, Newsletter Clicked, Newsletter Bounce, Newsletter Unsubscribe, Contact Created, Newsletter Reply, Form Submitted, Visited Website

💡 Email activity is registered on a Contact level as well as a (single) Deal level. When you send an email campaign to someone, or they open or click in an email, this is registered independently of the deal stage or pipeline in their Contact profile. This is also registered in a Deal in the pipeline you can define in the Klaviyo to Pipedrive Automation setup screen.

💡 Notifications. If you’d like to receive email notifications about people opening and/or clicking your newsletters, you’ll need to turn on Email notifications feature in Pipedrive. (See how). Once enabled, each user can turn on Email notifications by going to Settings > Personal > Preferences > Notifications.

Do you use web forms to collect leads to your lists? See the following integrations to automate lead capture sync to Pipedrive:

Don't see your preferred web forms listed above? Browse the upcoming connections and sign up for early access.

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