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🎟️ What are “App connector events” and how are they calculated?
🎟️ What are “App connector events” and how are they calculated?
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Note: App connector events is the main pricing unit for our legacy plans. If you signed up to Outfunnel after the 24th of October 2022, please refer to this article.

Outfunnel’s main pricing units are events that we sync between your sales and marketing tools. An event is counted every time Outfunnel moves data from one tool to another.

For example, when a new contact is synced from one tool to another, it counts as one event. Similarly, when a marketing engagement is recorded in your CRM, it is counted as one event.

Events that are included in Outfunnel plans:

  • New contact synced from CRM to a marketing tool, creating a contact in the latter

  • New marketing tool subscriber, web form or Calendly contact synced to CRM

  • Contact updated in marketing or advertising tool based on data changes in the CRM (regardless of how many fields are updated)

  • Marketing engagement recorded in the CRM (email sent, clicked, opened, bounced, or unsubscribed)

  • Webform submission, lead ad submission, or Info about a new meeting scheduled recorded in the CRM

Note: an event is counted every time any of the above happens, regardless if the trigger for the sync was the same.

For example, if a web form submission comes in that creates a new contact and is recorded as an activity in the CRM, it counts as 2 events. Similarly, if a marketing automation tool engagement sync (e.g. email opened) results in a new contact created as well as an engagement recorded, it counts as 2 events.

Where can I see how many events I've used?

We have also made it easy for you to see just how many events Outfunnel has tracked and what kind of events they are. You can find the total number of App connector events for the current billing period under the Usage section in Billing inside the app.

To bring visibility into exactly how many contact events and engagement events have been synced, we have added a Status section to all App connections. Open the App connector in Outfunnel and click on “Status” to see a complete overview of these for your preferred time period.

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