Outfunnel’s main pricing units are events that we sync between your sales and marketing tools. An event is counted every time Outfunnel moves data from one tool to another.

For example, when a new contact is synced from one tool to another, it counts as one event. Similarly, when a marketing engagement is recorded in your CRM, it is counted as one event.

Events that are included in Outfunnel plans:

  • Contact synced from CRM to marketing or advertising tool

  • Contact updated in marketing or advertising tool based on data changes in the CRM

  • Marketing engagement (email sent, clicked, opened, bounced, or unsubscribed) recorded in the CRM

  • Web form submission or new marketing tool subscriber synced to CRM

  • Info about new meeting scheduled, meeting updated or cancelled recorded in the CRM

Note: an event is counted every time Outfunnel moves data, regardless if one or several pieces of data are synced or updated.

For example, if a web form submission is recorded as an activity and it also triggers an update to contact fields in your CRM, it still counts as one event of syncing data. Similarly, if a marketing engagement sync results in a new contact created as well as an engagement recorded, it counts as one event of data synced.

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