Outfunnel currently has full integrations with Pipedrive, HubSpot and Copper that let you:

  • Connect other marketing tools (eg. Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign) to your CRM, deeply and easily.
  • Send automated drip campaigns or one-off emails with Outfunnel's simple email tool to any segment you've defined in your CRM, and have email engagement recorded in the CRM.
  • See what your leads and contacts do on your site with our web tracking feature.
  • Calculate lead scores based on email engagement and web visits.

You're welcome to use other marketing tools and Outfunnel's own email tool in parallel—data will be synced back to the CRM either way.

Here are our most popular CRM-marketing tool integrations:

If we do not support your CRM yet, but you'd still like to use Outfunnel, you can also import contacts to Outfunnel via .csv file.

More CRM integrations coming soon

We are working to extend the list of deep integrations between CRMs and marketing tools that we offer. If you'd like to know more, sign up via the links below.

Upcoming HubSpot CRM integrations:

Upcoming Pipedrive integrations:

Upcoming Copper integrations:

Furthermore, we'll be adding Airtable to the list of CRMs. The first Airtable integrations will be:

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