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Using the Copper-Outfunnel integration to automate email marketing and more
Using the Copper-Outfunnel integration to automate email marketing and more

How to send marketing emails to your Copper contacts, sync engagement data back to Copper, track web visits and score leads.

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Outfunnel is a marketing automation tool that drives revenue. It lets you send automated email sequences to segments you've defined in Copper, then have your email and web engagement data recorded back to the CRM. Outfunnel also lets you identify your hottest opportunities with web tracking and lead scoring.

The topics covered in this article are:

  • Sending sequences to your Copper contacts

  • Email engagement recording in Copper

  • Tracking web visits

  • Using email and web engagement data for Lead Scoring

Sending sequences to your Copper contacts

Outfunnel allows you to create automated drip and multi-stage lead nurturing campaigns that integrate seamlessly with your CRM. We call these types of email campaigns, sequences.

Some examples of when our email sequences feature would be useful:

  • Following up after deals are won (or lost)

  • Reaching out once deals reach a certain stage of a sales funnel

  • Creating a lead nurturing campaign that runs until the prospect replies

You can use these triggered email sequences to engage segments defined in Copper and stop the campaign automatically when the prospect opens, clicks, and/or replies. Email opens and clicks will be automatically recorded back in Copper.

If you want to keep your emails out of your recipients’ spam folder, we highly recommend verifying your domain before sending out a real campaign. This way, email providers and clients can be confident the message was sent by us with your permission. Learn more about authenticating your domain.

You can also send emails without authenticating your domain, especially for test campaigns but your deliverability is not fully optimized.

2. Create a new sequence and define your campaign’s recipients

When creating a new sequence in Outfunnel, you’ll need to choose who is going to receive your emails. You can choose the recipients for campaigns based on three conditions in Copper and one Outfunnel condition:

💡When using opportunity tags, Outfunnel uses the opportunity's primary contact as the recipient.

💡A contact's "Work email" will always take precedence over a "Personal email", even if the personal email shows up as the first one. If multiple work emails are available, only the first one will be added to the campaign.

Sync Copper audiences based on lead status, tag, contact type

So, say for example you have a Lead Status in Copper called “New lead”. Selecting that in Outfunnel will result in that message being sent out to everyone who matches that criterion.

Please note that if you’re sending a Sequence campaign and someone matches the relevant criterion (e.g. Contact Type or Contact tag) at the time of sending the first email, but stops matching the criterion before subsequent emails are sent, then they will be automatically unsubscribed from receiving that campaign.

PS: Changing the tag name will also have negative effects on the sequence. Please avoid changing the tag's name once you have an ongoing sequence based on it.

3. Create the emails

4. Check the campaign settings

5. Activate the sequence

Once everything looks good to go, activate the sequence. You'll be able to see statistics per campaign directly in Outfunnel and also on a person level in Copper (see next chapter)

Remember, when new contacts start matching the selected segment, they will be added to the sequence automatically. Once they stop matching the segment, they will be removed from the sequence. Once a contact has been removed, they cannot be added back to the same sequence, even if they start matching the segment again.

Email engagement recording in Copper

Outfunnel records all email engagement data like opens, clicks, and replies to Copper as activities. A unique activity type will be created in your Copper account by Outfunnel once you send out your first campaign.

By having easy access to your email marketing data from within Copper, you can streamline your sales process and quickly focus on the hottest leads. For example, you could build a call list from only those Leads or Contacts that have opened or clicked the latest campaign.

As all of engagement is synced as Activities to Copper, you can create filters or view reports that use this data, for example:

  1. Get a quick overview of your engagement stats by going to the Activity tab in the Company Dashboard. You can also use this view to check individual engagement events for each contact.

  2. You can also use the People view to create a filter based on opens/clicks etc. Go to People > Show filters (the small filter icon in the top right-hand corner) > Activity type. Don’t forget to click Save Filter once you’re done creating it!

Tracking web visits

Our web visitor tracking feature will allow you to have web visit data added to Copper contacts next to email engagement. This is great if you want to prioritize or segment leads who have visited specific pages on your site.

Automatically calculate Lead Scores based on email and web engagement

Last but not least, you can use all the email engagement and website tracking data to calculate lead scores and automatically sync this to Copper

Please note that an API Key is necessary to create an Outfunnel account. Make sure your Copper plan allows you to generate API Keys.

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